Town Utilities

The Town of Prosperity provides its residents with the following services: 
Electric, Water, Sewer (upon availability), Trash Pick-up, and Security Lights. 


The Town processes all billings for these services. Utility payments are due by the 10th of each month and utilities will be disconnected for non-payment after the 25th of each month. 


To obtain residential or commercial utility services within the Town of Prosperity, you must complete either the Application for Commercial Utility Services or the Application for Residential Utility Services.  Once completed, please submit it to the Town Hall located at 305 N. Main Street in Prosperity. A copy of a valid identification card and Social Security card are required for our files. 

All customers outside of the town limits which are serviced utilities by the Town of Prosperity will pay 1 ½ times the in-town rate.

For more information, please visit our office at 305 N Main St. or call 803-364-2622

Preventing F.O.G and Sanitary Sewer Overflows

F.O.G stands for fats, oils, and grease that are found in kitchens as an ingredient for, or by-product of, food preparation. When these products are poured down sinks, garbage disposals, or stormwater drains, they cause what’s known as F.O.G pollution. This can lead to blockages, backups, pipe bursts, and overflows whenever these products begin to solidify and accumulate around the insides of underground sewer pipes. Learn More

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"Prosperity is a great place to raise your kids. how do I know? This is the town that gave me the great sense of purpose that I now enjoy. The small town of 700, when I grew up there, had, and I am sure still have the best teachers in the entire state of South Carolina. Prosperity jr. high pirates, and Mid-Carolina Rebels, I owe my allegiance as an alum of both fine institutions." Jim Counts 

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