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Business Name                                  Phone Number
A Beautiful Home                               803-500-8005
Coastal Strokes                                    803-500-8050
Dave's Little Cranks                            803-271-8879
ixie Heartpine                                  803-364-5144
Hamm Hardware                               803-364-2611
Just Country                                         803-500-8003
Southern Crush Consignment          803-908-3899
Pillows, Decor and More                   803-364-2251
Poseidon Fire and Rescue                 803-364-2060
Prosperity Auction Company           843-615-1136
Prosperity Drug Company                803-364-2310
Prosperity Home                                 803-388-8388
The Blend of Art & Coffee                 803-364-3288
Western Auto                                      803-364-2127

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"Prosperity is a great place to raise your kids. how do I know? This is the town that gave me the great sense of purpose that I now enjoy. The small town of 700, when I grew up there, had, and I am sure still have the best teachers in the entire state of South Carolina. Prosperity jr. high pirates, and Mid-Carolina Rebels, I owe my allegiance as an alum of both fine institutions." Jim Counts