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2019 Elementary Art Show Winners

Congratulations to all our Winners and Thank you to all the Teachers that made our Art Show a success!

Congratulations to Jennifer Jones - Little Mountain Elementary for receiving the cash prize of $100.00 for her student winning first place.

                                                                      Click here to see the winning art


 1st Place Kodi Carrier -  4th Grade-Little Mountain Elementary

 2nd Place Peyton Scherberger  - 1st Grade-Little Mountain Elementary

 3rd Place – Hailey Geer - 4th Grade- Pomaria Garmany Elementary


Honorable Mentions

 Emily Bates – 5th Grade –Little Mountain Elementary

  Bethany Banach – 3rd Grade – Pomaria Garmany  

 Jennifer Boland – 4th Grade -  Little Mountain Elementary

  Yamilk Jimenez Romero – 5th Grade  - Prosperity-Rikard Elementary

A Very Special Thank YOU to Ruby and Aminee Point at Prosperity Payroll for Sponsoring the Elementary Art Show.  We appreciate your generosity.   

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