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Newberry County

Prosperity, SC is a part of Newberry County. Newberry County is a progressive county, rich in history, agriculture, natural resources, green spaces, beautiful waterways and strong community values, and which possesses exceptional educational, cultural, recreational and health care resources that are well balanced with high quality and strategically located job opportunities in a safe and harmonious environment supported by infrastructure where diverse people and businesses thrive together.

City of Newberry

The City of Newberry, South Carolina is located close to Town of Prosperity.  The surrounding countryside offers hundreds of outdoor activities from forest preserves to golf courses to the Enoree River Vineyard.

The Newberry Observer

The Newberry Observer is Newberry County's local, hometown newspaper.  It was founded in 1883.  The Observer publishes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a circulation of over 4,500. Civitas Media LLC owns The Observer and five other newspapers in South Carolina.

Newberry Opera House

The Newberry Opera house was built in 1881 at a cost of $30,000 and has served as the city centerpiece for over 130 years. The structure underwent a $5.5 million renovation which restored it to its' Historic Splendor and converted it to a state of the art performance facility.  It is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Newberry, South Carolina.


WKDK has been serving Newberry County and the surrounding area since 1946. WKDK has always been heavily involved in the Newberry community. WKDK has also worked with many educational institutions in Newberry County, including Newberry College, the Newberry County public and private schools, as well as untold numbers of civic groups, churches and organizations.


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