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Town of Prosperity

Street Light Banner  Design Contest 


Theme: Hometown in a Small-town - Rediscovering Prosperity, SC



The Porch

My inspiration for creating this piece was thinking about the theme Hometown in a Small Town and a symbol that would bring the history of the town, as well as, the present together. A large piece of Prosperity's history is the Wise Hotel, in which the porch and the rocking chairs were a prominent feature. The rocking chair stood out as a symbol of both the past and the present. Today a rocking chair adorns my porch, as well as many porches around Prosperity. The rocking chair on the porch is and has always been a favorite place to gather in fellowship with family and friends. I added flowers because I see them to be a welcoming and friendly accessory to a porch. Last, the other key element to my design is the frog. I used the frog as a symbol to honor the original name (Froglevel) of our small hometown. 

Artist: Kenley Beckham

Other Entries

The winner of the contest was selected by a panel of judges. The judges were not allowed to see the entries until the day of their review, and were not told who the artists were until after a winner was selected. As you will see from the remaining entries below, the judges had a very difficult time making their final selection. 


Path to Prosperity

My inspiration came from the town artwork stylized with scroll work and historical symbolism. I wanted to reflect some of the important pieces of the town in a patterned arrangement - where the tracks and scroll linework create a backdrop and the Depot and frog shapes come forward. These reminiscent of the Town's Community bringing life to the area. 

Artist: Darby Samargo


Memories at the Civic Center

I chose to design the banner with the Civic Center as a focal point because of how impactful this building has been on my life. Growing up in Prosperity I have attended soccer, softball, and baseball games there. I have played in the park, attended art camp, and even walked across the stage for the Prosperity Hoppin' Beauty Pageant. Those four walls have watched me grow and each time I think about my hometown, the Civic Center is the first place that comes to mind. 

Artist: Hannah Donkle


The Prosperity Depot

Artist: Jessica Shealy


Moments on Main

Artist: Jed Donkle



Artist: Colt


Learning Years

Artist: Peggy Thomas



I wanted to infer a connection between Prosperity and the State, along with a sense of movement. 

Artist: Robert Matheson

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