Construction Update

The Town of Prosperity is currently under construction but we are still open for business. Thank You for your patience and endurance of the noise while we look forward to New, Safe Sidewalks for all of our citizens and visitors. Here are a few pictures to keep you up to date with all of our projects: Sidewalk Project: Day 4 Sidewalk Project: Day 4 Civic Center Front Entrance: New Roof on awning Civic Center Side Door: New Handrails and Awning

Sidewalk project - from Prosperity Drug Co

Construction crews are in town today to start the sidewalk project! Remember, we are offering extended delivery, curbside pickup and parking behind the store to make accessing Prosperity Drug as easy as possible!

Welcome to the Town of Prosperity

This little patch of heaven, known to you as Prosperity, began in 1851 with the name of “Frog Level.” Later in 1873, a majority of the town petitioned the state legislature and the name was changed to Prosperity. In town you will find a variety of restaurants including German, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Soul Food, and BBQ cuisine. These restaurants stand ready to serve you along with the town pharmacy, hardware store, and several convenience stores. You will also find automotive repair, banks, insurance, financial assistance and Fortune 500 corporations (Kiswire, Pioneer Foods, International Paper, Georgia Pacific) which have located large production facilities here. The town has a selection


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"Prosperity is a great place to raise your kids. how do I know? This is the town that gave me the great sense of purpose that I now enjoy. The small town of 700, when I grew up there, had, and I am sure still have the best teachers in the entire state of South Carolina. Prosperity jr. high pirates, and Mid-Carolina Rebels, I owe my allegiance as an alum of both fine institutions." Jim Counts 

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